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Patrick is known nationally for his remarkable tenor voice. He has won many prestigious awards over the years and is a versatile performer and an experienced wedding soloist. He has a very distinctive singing voice and brings great passion and emotion to the music - which is such a vital part of making your Wedding Ceremony special.

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Sample Songs and Set Lists

Patrick Feeney Sings The Prayer (Video Sample)

I Loved Her First (Song Sample)

Our Lady Of Knock (Song Sample)

To Where You Are (Song Sample)

Love Is A Beautiful Song (Song Sample)

St. Theresa Of The Roses (Song Sample)

Church - Sample list

  • Entrance Song
    • Lighting of the Candles
    • She Moved Through the Fair
    • The Road
  • Responsorial Psalm
    • On Eagles Wings
    • The clouds Veil
    • As I kneel before you
  • Offertory
    • Ave Maria
  • The Sign of Peace
    • Make me a Channel of your Peace
    • Alleluia
  • Communion
    • The Prayer
    • You raise me Up
    • Amazing Grace
    • How Great Thou Art
    • The Book of Love
    • Circle of Gold
    • Love is a beautiful Song
  • Signing of the Register
    • Annies Song
    • Stand Beside Me
    • The Voyage
    • I Loved her first
    • Come what May
    • Songbird
    • You Belong To Me
    • You're My Best Friend
    • You've Got A Friend
    • Feels Like Home
    • St. Teresa of The Roses
    • Our Lady of Knock
  • Recessional
    • Wedding March
    • At last
    • God bless this couple who marry today
    • If should Fall Behind

Wedding reception set

  • First Dance
    • If you have any special requests we will learn it
  • Reception Set
    • Feels Like Home
    • Everything (Michael Buble) Always
    • I Loved Her First
    • Perfect day
    • Come What May
    • The Dance
    • The River
    • Missing Galway
    • Dan Tucker (Bruce Springsteen)
    • Wagon Wheel
    • Have I told you lately
    • Flying without wings
    • The Voyage
    • Annies Song
    • Bed of Roses
    • Can't take my eyes off you
    • First Last Everything
    • Here comes my baby
    • American Land (Bruce Springsteen)
    • Hey There Delilah
    • I'm a believer
    • Uptown Girl
    • I'll Fly Away
    • Waltz Medley's
    • Amarillo
    • Good looking woman
    • La Bamba
    • Abba Medley
    • Siege of Ennis
    • Hills of Donegal
    • Galway Girl
    • Say You Love Me
    • Neil Diamond (Medley)
    • Beatles (Medley)
    • 500 Miles
    • And lots lots more…